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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp27-8

Louise Drake Wright, 7 May 1933

Dear Miss Wright:

The Guardian received your letter which you had left undated, and read it with a sense of deep pleasure and satisfaction. He sincerely hopes that God will reinforce your sacrificial efforts and enable you to sow some good seeds in that country, for it is sure that the land is ready and the people are far more restless to obtain something new, to help them out of their present troubles, than they were a few years ago. The Guardian will surely pray for you, while visiting the Blessed Shrines, and ask God to guide and assist you.

As regards the translation and publication of the Iqán, Shoghi Effendi believes that as long as Mr. [...] is going to translate it free of charge we should not let the chance be left to slip away. Encourage him to start that work and complete it as soon as possible. Meanwhile will you obtain some estimate as to how much its publication will cost and inform the Guardian? He is very eager to have this wonderful book translated well, for it is the best means of grounding those who become interested in the fundamental teachings of the Faith. The Iqán and Dr. Esslemont’s book will be sufficient to make any seeker a true believer in the divine nature of the Faith.

The Guardian is eagerly awaiting the news of the progress of your work. He hopes you will keep him informed as to any interesting developments especially regarding the translation of the Iqán.

Assuring you of his prayers and best wishes, yours ever sincerely, Rúhí Afnán

Dear and precious co-worker:

I wonder whether it would be possible to induce the translator to print the Iqán at his own expense and obtain whatever profit he can make from the sale of the books, with a definite assurance that we would purchase from him a fixed percentage of the books immediately they are published. If this is not acceptable, I would appreciate an estimate of the cost of publication, and trust it will be possible, in the near future, to provide the sum that is required. I trust and pray that the Beloved may guide and sustain you in your arduous, your pioneer and highly meritorious endeavours for the spread of the Cause in Holland. Shoghi 24

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