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Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and the Baha’i Faith, Della L Marcus, pp204-5

As regards the translations of Dr Esslemonťs book: He has already asked you to send him 50 Hungarian and 20 Czech copies. When the Romanian and Serbian are also published please send him fifty copies of each of those editions.

The Guardian is enclosing a draft on London for £100; this is to cover the translation and publication of the Romanian and Serbian editions. He believes that with all the expenses the Cause has, especially in connection with the Temple, we should be very careful in spending our funds. He wants you therefore to find out whether we cannot publish these books at a lesser cost, for example whether we can arrange with a publisher to publish the book at his own cost and we buy from him only a certain number of copies. The publisher could benefit from any profit made on the sale and we will have the book available to the public. Another advantage in such a method is that the publisher will help the sale and distribution of the books. This is only in case such a method will make us undertake less financial responsibility. The Guardian wishes you to use your own judgement but' take this matter also into consideration.

. . . After attending to the Greek translation in Greece you could go to Albania for a short visit and then return to Bulgaria and visit Romania.

1933-05-15 to Martha re BNE translations

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