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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp29-30

Louise Drake Wright, 29 May 1933

Dear Bahà’i Sister,

Shoghi Effendi has directed me to address you these few lines, informing you of a letter he has recently received from Mr. [...] in which he has proposed to translate the Kitáb-i-Iqán into Dutch and to have it published partly on his own account. Mr. [...], who is a journalist, seems to be deeply interested in the Bahàï teachings and, although himself not a Bahà’i, yet his genuine belief is that the Iqán is a highly-important and interesting book that can be of an invaluable help to every thoughtful person with some knowledge of religious literature.

His proposition for the publication of the book is as follows. The cost of the publication of 1000 copies he estimates to be 330 dollars and the price of each copy will not exceed 1,50 dollars. He is willing to translate the book free of any charge and he is ready to bring out the book provided Shoghi Effendi purchases from him 350 copies at a total price of 350 dollars, of which to be paid 175 dollars at once and 175 dollars at the date of publication.

The Guardian is very glad that Mr. [...] is ready to facilitate and expedite the publication of the Iqán, and he is ready to contribute his share for the immediate completion of this work.

Inasmuch, however, as he is not sufficiently acquainted with the man he would prefer not sending him the sum directly. He thinks it would be much wiser and safer to have the amount sent directly to you so as to prevent any possible difficulty or misunderstanding.

With the assurance of his best and loving greetings and of his continued prayers for the advancement and success of your work.

Yours in His Service, H. Rabbání

P.S. Shoghi Effendi would like you to find out whether Mr. [...] s proposition is wholly genuine and in case you confirm it, he is ready to send you half of the sum immediately.24 H.R.

Dear and valued co-worker;

Your deeply interesting letters of May 12 brought deep joy to my heart. I am so sorry to hear of the delay in the publication of the ‘New Era. Do please make every effort to expedite the work, and ensure its early publication. The services you are rendering in protecting the Cause, in defending its institutions, in explaining its principles, in diffusing its spirit and circulating its literature are indeed highly praiseworthy, most appropriate and meritorious in the sight of God. Your pioneer work will surely be richly blessed and enrich the annals of our immortal Faith, if you persevere in your high endeavours. Immediately you confirm and approve the proposition of Mr. [...] I will send you the sum of $175 as first instalment. Your true brother, Shoghi

Shoghi Effendi has postponed answering Mr. [...] s letter until he hears from you. Please write to him immediately.

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