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1933-06-12 take care in presentation of teachings

USBN #80 - January 1934 - pages 5

The believers, and particularly those who have not had sufficient experience

in teaching, should be very careful in the way they present the teachings of the

Cause. Sincerity, devotion and faith are not the sole conditions of successful

teaching. Tactfulness, extreme caution and wisdom are equally important. We should

not be in a hurry when we announce the message to the public and we should be

careful to present the teachings in their entirety and not to alter them for the

sake of others. Allegiance to the Faith cannot be partial and half-hearted. Either

we should accept the Cause without any qualification whatever, or cease calling

ourselves Baha'is. The new believers should be made to realize that it is not

sufficient for them to accept some aspects of the teachings and reject those which

cannot suit their mentality in order to become fully recognized and active

followers of the Faith. In this way all sorts of misunderstandings will vanish and

the organic unity of the Cause will be preserved. - (To Mrs. Shahnaz Waite, June

12, 1933.)

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