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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp30-31

Inez Greeven, 13 June 1933

Dear Bahà’i Sister,

Your letters dated Apr. 4 th and 14th, 1933 addressed to Shoghi Effendi were received and were read with great care and deepest appreciation.

He wishes me to extend to you his heartfelt thanks for your splendid efforts in connection with the translation of Dr. Esslemonťs book into Dutch.25 He hopes that through your perseverance and your zeal the whole work will be soon ready for distribution.

The Guardian is fully confident that the circulation of this book will greatly facilitate the teaching efforts of the friends and that through its reading many eager souls will be attracted to the Cause.

In closing may I assure you once more of his loving greetings and of his best wishes for your husband and for yourself. In his hours of meditation and prayer at the Blessed Shrines he will surely remember you and will ask the Lord to sustain your efforts, cheer your heart, and enable you to render His Faith yet more outstanding services.

Yours in His service, H. Rabbání

Dear and valued co-worker:

I am eagerly awaiting the news of the publication of the book, and I trust that nothing unexpected has happened to delay the work in which you are so devotedly engaged. I wish to reaffirm my deep sense of thankfulness for all that you have done and for the efforts you are still exerting in this connection. The Beloved is, I feel certain, well pleased with your achievements. Your true and grateful brother, Shoghi

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