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1933-06-17 association with the World Fellowship of Faiths

USBN #76 - August 1933 - page 3

"Regarding association with the World Fellowship of Faiths and kindred

Societies, Shoghi Effendi wishes to reaffirm and elucidate the general principle

that Baha'i elected representatives as well as individuals should refrain from any

act or word that would imply a departure from the principles, whether spiritual,

social or administrative, established by Baha'u'llah. Formal affiliation with and

acceptance of membership in organizations whose programs or policies are not

wholly reconcilable with the Teachings is of course out of the question. In the

case of the World Fellowship of Faiths, however, Shoghi Effendi sees no objection

if the American National Assembly decides to appoint one or two Baha'i

representatives to address such gatherings on one or two occasions on a subject

which is in harmony with the spirit of the Teachings does not constitute

acceptance by the Baha'i speaker of the entire program of the Fellowship. We

should welcome and seize every opportunity that presents itself, however modest it

may be, to give a wider publicity to the Cause, to demonstrate its all-

inclusiveness and liberal attitude, its independence and purity, without

committing ourselves, whether by word or by deed, to programs or policies that are

not in strict conformity with the tenets of the Faith. Shoghi Effendi hopes that

this principle will guide your distinguished Assembly in its dealings with various

associations which will increasingly seek, in the days to come, the support of

Baha'i individuals and Assemblies for the attainment of their ends."


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