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1933-06-17 “uninterrupted progress of the ornamentation work”

USBN #76 - August 1933 - page 2

And in a letter addressed to the National Spiritual Assembly, dated June 17:

"The thing, however, that is most urgent and of supreme importance is to insure by

every means at our disposal the uninterrupted progress of the ornamentation work

of the Temple. The cessation of work in connection with so noble and so sacred an

edifice at so critical a time would not only create an unfavorable impression in

the minds of the millions of visitors who will gather in Chicago this summer but

will inflict grave injury on the prestige and the international standing of the

Cause throughout the world. That the American believers, who have already on

several occasions contributed so strikingly to the strengthening and widening of

the basis of Baha'i institutions will allow them to suffer as a result of their

failure to prosecute this glorious enterprise, the Guardian refuses to believe. He

will continue to pray, and has sufficient confidence in the vitality of the Faith

that animates them to feel assured that the hopes and expectations centered on

them by the Baha'is of the world will not be disappointed, and that the successful

termination of what is only the first stage in this historic enterprise will serve

to ennoble the heritage bequeathed to them by a wise and loving Master."

In the Guardian's hand: "I am so eager to hear of the latest developments in

connection with an enterprise in which so much that is vital to the immediate

future of the Cause is involved. The American believers are deeply and solemnly

committed to this stupendous task. It was gloriously conceived and nobly

initiated. Its triumphal progress must suffer no setback. Its termination must be

hastened with zeal, determination and vigor. Its concluding stages must redound as

much to the glory and fair name of our beloved Faith as the initial steps taken

for its establishment. I appeal to each of the champion builders of this majestic

and unique Structure not to rest until the final section of the external

ornamentation of the dome has been cast and set in position."

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