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1933-08-12 the Cause and personalities

USBN #80 - January 1934 - pages 6

Regarding the principle that the Cause must not be allowed to center around

any Baha'i personality, the Guardian wishes to make it clear that it was never

intended that well qualified individual teachers should not receive from local

Assemblies every encouragement and facilities to address the public. What the

Guardian meant was that the personality and popularity of such a speaker should

never be allowed to eclipse the authority, or detract from the influence of the

body of the elected representatives in every local community. Such an individual

should not only seek the approval, advice and assistance of the body that

represents the Cause in his locality, but should strive to attribute any credit he

may obtain to the collective wisdom and capacity of the Assembly under whose

jurisdiction he performs his services. Assemblies and not individuals constitute

the bedrock on which the Administration is built. Everything else must be

subordinated to, and be made to serve and advance the best interests of these

elected custodians and promoters of the Laws of Baha'u'llah. - (To Mr. Alfred E.

Lunt, August 12, 1933.)

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