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1933-08-XX some incidents at the recent Convention

USBN #77 - September 1933 - page 3

Recently the National Spiritual Assembly has received a copy of a letter

written by the Guardian, through his secretary, to a believer who wrote him

frankly to state certain views about some incidents at the recent Convention.

"He has, however, grieved to learn that, despite his repeated references on

the necessity of unity and concord among the friends, there have appeared some

misunderstandings among them. Such negative forces have always hampered the

progress of the Cause and have resulted in utter disappointment. The spirit of

partisanship which is but the outcome of individual passion and selfishness is

fundamentally opposed to the basic teachings of the Faith. It is for cooperation,

motivated by self-sacrifice, that the Baha'is stand, and nothing short of the

adequate realization of this ideal can redeem the world and insure its safe and

speedy progress."

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