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1933-09-06 Congregational prayer, 19 Day Feast

No. 79 - November 1933 - page 3

...the a letter dated September 6, 1933, through his


"Regarding the practice of congregational prayer, the Guardian wishes you to

know that this form of prayer has been enjoined by Baha'u'llah only for the dead.

In all other circumstances there is no obligation whatever imposed upon the

believers. When the Aqdas is published the form of congregational prayer

prescribed by Baha'u'llah will be made clear to all the believers."

"Regarding the nature of the Nineteen Day Feasts, the Guardian feels that

the excellent statement on their nature, function and purpose published in one of

the recent issues of the News Letter is so comprehensive and faithful in its

presentation that he does not find it necessary to restate and enlarge upon the

matter. He has no objection, however, if you feel the need to elaborate the

thought expressed in that statement, stressing particularly the spiritual,

administrative and social aspects of this vital Baha'i institution."


[The statement referred to by the Guardian appeared in the July 1933 Baha'i News, p8]

This institution, established by Baha'u'llah, has been described by the Guardian as the foundation of the new World Order. The National Spiritual Assembly understands that it is incumbent upon every believer, unless ill or absent from the city, to attend each of these Feasts.

In a general letter issued to Local Spiritual Assemblies several years ago, it was pointed out that the Guardian instructs that the Nineteen Day Feast be held according to the following program: the first part, entirely spi ritual in character, is devoted to readings from Baha'i Sacred Writings; the second part consists of general consultation on the affairs of the Cause, at which time the Local Spiritual Assembly reports its activities to the community, asks for suggestions and consultation, and also delivers messages received from the Guardian and the National Assembly. The third part is the material feast and social meeting of all the friends. Only voting- believers are invited to attend the Nineteen Day Feasts. but young people of less than twenty-one years of age. who are declared belie,·ers. especially when members of a Baha'i family. can also be present.

These meetings may be regarded as the very heart of our Baha'i comrnunity life. When properly conducted, and attended by a Baha'i community which fully appreciates their importance. the Nineteen Day Feasts serve to renew and deepen our spirit of faith, increase our capacity for united action. remove misunderstandings and keep us fully informed of all important Baha'i activities, local. national and international in scope.

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