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1933-09-06 re contribs to Temple Fund

USBN #78 - October 1933 - page 2

on the subject of the Temple, written to the National Assembly in his own hand:-

"The magnificent achievement of the American believers, the stupendous

efforts they have exerted in the month of August on behalf of the Temple Fund

cannot be allowed to pass unnoticed. A fresh record of service, an unexampled

standard of self-sacrifice has been attained and established through their

concerted, their persistent and heroic efforts. The entire Baha'i world cannot but

feel thrilled as it contemplates such striking evidences of Baha'i solidarity, of

spiritual fervor, of self-abnegation. Abdu'l-Baha, from the realms above, looks

down upon those responsible for such deeds with feelings of unmitigated pride, joy

and satisfaction. The concluding stages of this stirring episode in the history of

the Faith in that land must witness still greater triumphs, must establish a still

more excellent standard of Baha'i stewardship. The remaining months of September

and October must set the seal of final and complete victory to an enterprise that

stands unparalleled in the annals of the Cause in the West. Your true and grateful

brother, Shoghi." (September 6, 1933).

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