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1933-09-25 Baha’i summer schools

USBN #79 - November 1933 - page 4

to Mrs. Kirkpatrick and Mrs. Baker, members of the Central States Baha'i Summer School Committee:

"The basic purpose of all Baha'i Summer Schools, whether in East or West, is

to give the believers the opportunity to acquaint themselves, not only by mere

study but through whole-hearted and active collaboration in various Baha'i

activities, with the essentials of the Administration and in this way enable them

to become efficient and able promoters of the Cause. The teaching of the

Administration is, therefore, an indispensable feature of every Baha'i Summer

School and its special significance can be better understood if we realize the

great need of every believer today for a more adequate understanding of the social

principles and laws of the Faith. It is now, when the Cause is passing through

some of the most difficult stages of its development, that the friends should

equip themselves with the necessary knowledge of the Administration. The Guardian

wishes you, therefore, to stress again, in all coming summer schools, this vital

point, and in this way add to the efficiency and success of your efforts along

this line."

The above letter carried these words in the Guardian's hand:

"I certainly advice you to concentrate next year on the "Dawn-Breakers" as

well as on the needs, the principles and the purpose of Baha'i Administration. The

Cause in your land is still in its formative period. It needs men and women of

vision, of capacity and understanding."

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