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October 25, 1933.

Dear Baha’i Sister:

The Guardian wishes me to acknowledge on his behalf the receipt of your welcome letter dated Sept. 9, 1933, as well as the enclosed circular letter you have specially written for distribution among the believers. He hopes that the National Spiritual Assembly will approve of its circulation among the friends and will thereby give you the opportunity of impressing them with the paramount importance of the racial problem in the States.

Your letter will, undoubtedly, touch every thoughtful and sincere reader, as it is not only convincing and powerful, but full of inspiration, of hope and of encouragement. The friends must realize that upon the complete abolition of racial prejudice, if not in the entire American Continent, at least among themselves, must depend the success of their efforts for the spread of the Message. Without total unity of consciousness, they can never be able to attain the goal which the Master and our beloved Guardian have so emphatically and so repeatedly summoned them to attain. May your letter awaken them to their manifold obligations and responsibilities to the Cause, and may it serve to create among them that unity of purpose and of means so essential to the safe and speedy development of the Faith.

with the assurance of his best wishes and of his fervent prayers on your behalf and on behalf of Mr. Oglesby,

Yours in His Service,


May the Beloved assist you in your efforts to extend the scope of your activities and enable you to attain your heart's desire in your devoted and persistent services to the Abba Threshold.

Your true brother


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