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1933-10-27 progress on Temple

No. 80 - January 1934 - pages 4-5

Mr. Roy C. Wilhelm,

Dear Baha'i Brother:

I need not express his (the Guardian's) great joy at the news of the continued progress of the Temple work. For you known only too well how much he is eager to see the entire Edifice brought to successful completion. His repeated emphasis of the imperative necessity of insuring, by every means, the speedy termination of this historic enterprise seems to have created a new spirit of self-sacrifice and of initiative in the entire body of the believers throughout the world. It is of the utmost importance that this spirit should be kept alive through continued encouragement. For any slackness in the energy and enthusiasm of the friends, at this critical and most decisive moment, will have severe repercussions on the Cause. The Guardian will fervently pray that during the next few months the ornamentation of the Temple dome may proceed quickly, so as to impress and stimulate the many visitors and strangers who come to attend the Chicago World Fair. He will also offer his special prayers to Baha'u'llah on account of all the members of the National Spiritual Assembly that they may be guided and inspired in all their historic endeavors for the consolidation and the progress of the Cause.

Yours in His Service,

(signed) H. Rabbani.

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