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1933-11-03 Keith Ransom-Kehler's passing

USBN #80 - January 1934 - pages 3-4

Mr. Horace Holley

Dear Baha'i Brother:

The Guardian was extremely pleased to receive the photograph of the members of the National Spiritual Assembly taken in one of the outer sections of the Temple, and showing very clearly the strikingly beautiful ornamentation work which, thanks to the generous and continued efforts of our American believers, is proceeding quickly and without any interruption. In a recent cablegram to your Assembly the Guardian has given the promise of one year's respite, provided the dome ornamentation is successfully completed. It is for the distinguished National representatives of the American believers to exert their utmost, and to display the same enthusiasm and the same energetic and wise control which have thus far characterized both their national and their international services to the Faith, in order that this mighty Edifice may come nearer to its completion.

... Mrs. Keith Ransom-Kehler's passing is, indeed, an irretrievable loss which the Baha'i world has come to suffer at a time when her presence in their midst was so greatly needed, not only because of her inspiring personality, but due to her intelligent, wise and energetic handling of the many and varied problems confronting the followers of the Faith in Persia. For more than one year she toiled and suffered, undismayed by the forces of darkness which so increasingly challenge the devotion and loyalty, and hamper the progress of the work, of our Persian brethren. Nothing was strong enough to sap the vitality of her faith and neither the opposition of the Government, nor the slackness and inefficiency of those with whom she had to work, could possibly discourage and dishearten her. Her faith was deep, her energy inexhaustible. And she was, indeed, fully repaid for all that she did, whether in connection with the teaching of the Message, or in regard to the consolidation of the nascent administrative institutions of the Cause in the very land of its birth.

The Guardian, fully aware of the noble gifts of her heart and mind, has given her not only the station of a martyr but that of a Hand of the Cause of God. In two telegrams addressed to the Tihran and Isfahan Assemblies he has requested our Persian friends to fix her final resting place in the vicinity of Sultanu'sh- Shuhada's grave in Isfahan.

He has also, through the following cablegram, informed your National Assembly of his intention to do so: "Instructed Isfahan Assembly inter Keith vicinity grave Sultanu'sh-Shuhada surnamed by Baha'u'llah 'King of Martyrs.'" His instructions on this point have been immediately carried out by the Isfahan Assembly and it is, therefore, very encouraging to learn that our beloved Keith has been accorded such a befitting restingplace. For as you may know, Sultanu'sh- Shuhada, to whom Baha'u'llah gave the title of the "King of Martyrs" as a result of the glorious martyrdom he suffered for the Cause, was one of the most eminent and ardent followers of the Faith, not only in Isfahan but in the whole of Persia. His brother, surnamed by Baha'u'llah the "Beloved of Martyrs" was also a very distinguished and devoted Baha'u'llah, who gave up his life for the sake of the Cause. So, as you see, the interment of Keith in the vicinity of the grave of such an outstanding Persian believer is very befitting, and will pass down through the ages as the symbol of the unity of the East and West.

In another cablegram to your Assembly dated November 2, 1933, which runs as follows: "Holy Land's growing and increasingly appreciative inhabitants long witness model, however small, majestic Temple," he has requested you to send him, without any delay and in case it is not too expensive, a small model of the Temple to be placed either in the International Baha'i Archives on Mt. Carmel, or in any other place, where the many and increasingly appreciative visitors who come to the Shrines can be given a chance to visualize the glory and grandeur of the Edifice which your untiring hands have so well raised.

In closing please extend our Guardian's loving greetings and best wishes to all the members of the National Assembly. His prayers on their behalf will be continually offered to Baha'u'llah, that He may impart to them the wisdom, guidance and faith they need for the complete discharge of their manifold duties to the Cause.

Yours in His Service,

(signed) H. Rabbani.

Haifa, Palestine

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