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1933-11-04 Shoghi Effendi getting Cobb book

USBN #80 - January 1934 - Page 8

Another letter dated November 4, 19833, was also written Dr. Cobb as


"I am directed by Shoghi Effendi to ask you to be kind enough to inform the

Baha'i Publishing Committee of his wish to have fifty copies of your valuable book

on the Cause "Security for a Failing World" as soon as it will be published. He

feels that this work, together with a recent book published in Germany by our

devoted and gifted friend Dr. Hermann Grossmann, have a special appeal to the

youth of our present-day generation, and he hopes that their wide circulation, in

all circles, and among all types of readers and writers, will greatly stimulate

the spread of the Message, and at the same time encourage the friends to reinforce

their efforts for the extension and the consolidation of the Faith. It is hoped

that all the individual believers, as well as the Local Assemblies, both in

America and abroad, will gladly and wholeheartedly respond to the appeal of the

Publishing Committee in connection with the publication of your original and much-

needed essay on the Cause."

Yours in His Service,

H. Rabbani.

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