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1933-11-09 period of systematic persecution in Iran

No. 80 - January 1934 - pages 4

November 8, 1933

Mr. Allen B. McDaniel

Dear and Prized Co-worker:

The situation in Persia is growing more dangerous, more confused and perplexing every day. Baha'i literature is banned, confiscated and burned. Baha'i marriage certificates are denied recognition by the civil authorities and the status of those who are married among the believers is fraught with incalculable difficulties and dangers. The printing of Baha'i news letters, magazines and calendars is tacitly forbidden and constantly interfered with. Intolerable restrictions are being increasingly imposed on Baha'i gatherings, celebrations, teaching activities, and inter-assembly communications. With the passing of Keith, that indefatigable, brilliant and whole consecrated international champion of the Cause, the Persian believers may be entering upon a period of systematic persecution reminiscent of the sufferings of a by-gone day. I urge your Assembly to obtain the fullest and up-to-date information from the Tihran Assembly and to exert the utmost pressure on the Persian Minister at Washington.

Your true and grateful brother,

(signed) SHOGHI...

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