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1933-11-09 liberation of persecuted Persian brethren

No. 80 - January 1934 - pages 4

Mr. Horace Holley

Dear Baha'i Brother:

. . . . Regarding the situation in Persia, Shoghi Effendi wishes the N.S.A. to

renew their representations to the Persian Minister and to persevere in their

glorious efforts for the liberation of their persecuted Persian brethren. Now that

our precious Keith is no more it is of vital importance to the success of their

endeavors that they should work hard and impress the Minister with the urgency and

rightfulness of our case. To cease pressing our case at this critical time will

give the authorities the impression that our representations were mere formalities

and without any solid foundation. To create such a highly unfavorable impression

about the Cause is, indeed, an irreparable mistake which may greatly retard the

administrative development of the Cause not only in Persia but also in the West.

The latest persecutions to which our beloved Faith has been subjected in the

very land of its birth are of a distressing nature and are increasing both in

number and in intensity. Not only our literature is confiscated at the frontiers

but a number of books are reported to have been burnt by Government officials

despite the fact that they contain nothing which can be said to be contrary to the

laws of the State or to the basic teachings of its official Church. Furthermore,

Baha'is are not permitted to use their own marriage certificates, but are

indirectly compelled to use those belonging to other religious communities such a

Moslems, Jews and Zoroastrians. And all this on the ground that their teachings

are not in accordance with the prescribed laws of the Moslem clergy, and also

because they do not belong to and do not form an essential part of a new religious


Please inform him of the answer which the Persian Minister has given, and if

it is a written one, be sure to send him the text of the reply. The Guardian

wishes you also to be in close and constant touch with the Tihran Assembly, to

obtain from them all the information you need, and to welcome any suggestion they

may offer. He hopes that through your continued and di(l)ligent labors much that

is vital to the immediate interests of the Faith in Persia will be achieved. He

will continue to pray on your behalf that your endeavors may be crowned with


Yours in His Service,

(signed) H. Rabbani.

Haifa, Palestine

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