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Corinne True: Faithful Handmaid of Abdu’l-Baha, Nathan Rutstein, p197

.......... Concerning what Mr. Remey and other believers, whether Americans or otherwise, have told the friends about Melchizedek, and as to their references in regard to the leading religions of the world, and to the symbolism involved in the numerical number of the Temple doors, the Guardian wishes to restate and to reemphasize the general principle that in all such matters of a specific character the friends should be careful not to accept anything as valid and authentic unless it is based on, and corroborated by, a Tablet bearing the signature of the Master. Oral reports and statements cannot be relied upon, since they lead to the same confusions and difficulties into which the followers of former Dispensations have been and are still entangled. It is now, when the Faith is still in its infancy, that extreme caution should be exercised in the apparently unimportant matters. Otherwise, the purity of the Teachings will be beclouded, and the unity of the Cause greatly jeopardized. To protect the Faith from these forms of traditionalism is the duty of the responsible administrators of the Cause, and nothing short of their wisdom, caution and tact in their handling of such delicate matters, can insure the purity and the effectiveness of the Teachings.

.......... [From a letter written on behalf of the Guardian, 10 November 1933.]

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