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Tending the Garden: A Biography of Emeric and Rosemry Sala, p38

November 13,1933

. . . He thoroughly appreciates the opportunity you have been given to visit some of the important Bahál centers in Europe and particularly Vienna where the friends are growing both in number and influence.

. . . He has always advised and even urged the friends to emphasize in their Bahá’i activities the necessity of strengthening, through correspondence and particularly by means of frequent and warm visits, the bonds of cooperation and amity between various Bahá’i centers and groups. This, he feels, is an essential step towards the further extension and consolidation of the New World Order.

I wish to add a few words in person in order to confirm my deep sense of appreciation of what you have done and are still doing in the service of our beloved Faith in Europe. If you could arrange to visit some of the groups in the Balkans, such as Sofia, Tirana, Budapest and Belgrade, there is no doubt that the friends in these centres will feel greatly stimulated and grateful. Miss Root, Miss Jack and Mrs. Gregory are very active in these regions.

1933-11-13 to Emeric Sala re travel to Europe

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