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Quoted in Never be Afraid to Dare, Jasion, p193

The Guardian was greatly rejoiced to learn that your historic trip to Adrianople has come to a successful end, and that you are once more back in Sofia and are resuming with the help of Miss Root, your important teaching activities. Your message of Nov. 9th was, indeed, very inspiring and refreshing after a long period of silence during which you were slowly and carefully laying down the foundations for the future development of the Cause in that portion of the Balkans which the Almighty had chosen to be blessed by the presence of Bahà’u’ilàh. Your services there will, no doubt bear their fruits in a not distant future, provided you maintain with those few souls you have been able to awaken, continued correspondence. Their interest in the Message, however deep it may have been, cannot last unless it is kept alive by means of direct contact if possible, and if not through writing.[By Shoghi Effendi]

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the efforts you have exerted in the course of your splendid and historic visit to Adrianople, ‘The Land of Mystery’. Despite the increasing difficulties which beset you, notwithstanding ill-health and cares and anxieties which such pioneer work in strange surroundings entails, you have nobly persevered, loyally laboured, and splendidly achieved a work of which future generations will be justly proud. I am so glad to know that precious Martha will collaborate with you for one month in Sofia. I will continue to pray for you both.

[To Marion Jack, 17 Nov 1933]

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