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Quoted in Never be Afraid to Dare, Jasion, p191-2

Your messages dated November 16th and 22nd, 1933, have filled our Guardian’s heart with inexpressible joy, and he wishes me to thank each one of your group for the remarkable devotion, zeal and enthusiasm with which you are spreading the Cause of Bahà’u’llàh in your country. It is the conviction that nothing short of the spread and the application of the divine and salutary teachings which lie embedded in the Bahà’i Message can effectively rescue your country and the world at large, which should spur you on to investigate and whole-heartedly embrace the truth of this Revelation, and to rally yourselves under its glorious banner. The Bahà’i Faith gives you not only a definite plan of world reconstruction, but provides you at the same time with the necessary impetus and means whereby you can carry it into full and fruitful action. In it you will find a goal which is definite, namely the unification of mankind in all its aspects and forms. It asserts that political and economic unity cannot be established on a sound basis without the necessary and indispensable unification in the field of religion. The blending of hearts is the foundation-stone of the Bahà’i social order. It is at once its stronghold and its inherent motivating force. Through it no obstacle can withstand the triumph of the constructive forces of the world. And by its means national and racial prejudices of all sorts melt away and make, thereby, the establishment of an international order not a dream but a living reality.

It is this fundamental truth, that the basis of world unity is essentially spiritual, that makes the strength of the Bahà’i Faith. And it is because our statesmen and leaders have failed to accept such a truth that they find themselves so helpless in the face of the dark forces that are so vehemently assailing the world.

It is Shoghi Effendi’s hope that through the pioneering efforts of Miss Root and of Miss Jack your group will develop both in number and in spiritual fervour, and that you will not merely content yourselves with the study of the Teachings but will arise to play your part in their quick and effective dissemination throughout your country.

[postscript by Shoghi Effendi]

Dear co-workers:

I was so pleased and gratified to learn that the work in which you are engaged is in full swing and that the prospects are bright and promising. A powerful and efficiently functioning Local Spiritual Assembly, permanently established and truly united, is imperative, and will no doubt act as a magnet that will draw the confirmations of Bahà’u’llàh.

[to the Baha’is of Sophia, 1 Dec 1933]

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