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Divine Springtime - Louise Coswell Recalls , p9-10

December 15th, 1933 we find:

He (the Guardian)was deeply gratified to learn of the increasing zeal with which you are extending the scope of your teaching activities. The short teaching trip which you, together with some of your young and active believers, have undertaken to Seattle, Monroe and Vancouver will, it is hoped, be abundant and enduring in its results. Such sincere, whole-hearted and united endeavors for the spread of the message cannot but lead eventually to the triumph of the Cause, and to its further penetration into regions and circles where the very name of the movement had for long remained unknown.

Shoghi Effendi wishes you, therefore, to attach the greatest importance to the cause of teaching, and and to endeavor, through every means to insure its development and progress in your locality. His prayers on your behalf will continue to be offered to Baha’u’llah that, through His grace and mercy, you may be increasingly imbued with the spirit of the Cause and be enabled to spread its light throughout the world.

(Signed )H. Rabbani

1933-12-15 to Coswell re travel teaching activities

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