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1933-12-25 status of members of the N.S.A. at Convention sessions

USBN #81 - February 1934 - page 3

Concerning the status of members of the N.S.A. at Convention sessions, the

Guardian feels that the members both of the incoming and the outgoing Assemblies

should be given the full right to participate in the Convention discussions. Those

members of the N.S.A. who have been elected delegates will, in addition to the

right of participation, be entitled to vote. The Guardian wishes thereby to render

more effective the deliberations and the recommendations of the national

representatives. He feels that the exercise of such a right by the members of the

N.S.A. will enable them to consult more fully with the assembled delegates, to

exchange fully and frankly with them their views, and to consider collectively the

interests, needs and requirements of the Cause. This he believes is one of the

primary functions of the Convention. - To the National Spiritual Assembly.

December 25, 1933.

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