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1933-XX-XX Baha’i youth committees

USBN #80 - January 1934 - Page 7-8

The Baha'i Youth Committee of the American N.S.A..... from the Guardian....

His secretary writes,

"...He would strongly urge you to cooperate, heart and soul, with all the

various assemblies, groups and committees throughout the Baha'i world, to ask for

their assistance and help for the successful discharge of your duties and

obligations, and in this way to try to build up an active and ready mind among the

Baha'i youth throughout the world. In other words, you should not confine your

activities to the national sphere but should strive to create under the

supervision of your N.S.A. an international body of active young Baha'i men and

women who, conscious of their manifold and sacred responsibilities, will

unanimously arise to spread the Holy Word."

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