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Baha’i World Vol 5, pp127

"It would be wonderful, if the Cause should enter their rank, and give its members a new life and spirit. The Faith of Baha’u’llah is not only for the highly civilized people, even though the benefit these can obtain we cannot truly appreciatee at this early stage of its development. To the backward races the Cause should mean even more, for through it they shall obtain true social and intellectual equality with those who are at present their rulers and superiors—a thing they can obtain with difficulty through ordinary channels of legal enactments and ordinary intellectual training. It is only through the Messge of Baha’u’llaah that the different races shall come to consider one another as true brethren and co-workers in the Faith of God.

"The Guardian will therefore deeply value any activity the friends may pursue in bringing the Cause to the Maoris."

[[To Australia and NewZealand]

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