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1934-01-17 re proceeding with the ornamentation

USBN #81 - February 1934 - page 2

In a letter to the Chairman of the National Spiritual Assembly, dated

January 17, 1934, the Guardian writes through his Secretary H. Rabbani:

"In reply to the N.S.A.'s telegram expressing the hope of the American

believers of proceeding with the ornamentation of the clerestory section of the

Temple, Shoghi Effendi has sent the following cable and has given his whole-

hearted approval to this new step which the friends have been prompted to take and

which fully testifies to their exemplary resourcefulness and indomitable will in

upholding the Cause of the Temple: (Cable as quoted above).

"The Guardian's motive in giving the believers the promise of one year's

complete respite was to alleviate the financial burden which had for so long been

weighing on their shoulders. His intention, however, was by no means to check the

free and spontaneous desire of the friends to maintain the contributions to the

Temple should they find it possible to do so. And it is really gratifying to

witness that the promise instead of retarding, however temporarily, the

ornamentation work of the Temple, has on the contrary stimulated the friends to

redouble their efforts until the entire construction work on the dome and

clerestory have been brought to full completion."

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