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Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and the Baha’i Faith, Della L Marcus, pp220-1

. . . He was particularly delighted to witness that you have succeeded in obtaining from Her Majesty the Queen such a befitting statement for ‘The Bahà’i World’, and he wishes me to inform you that he is planning to use it, together with the photograph of the grave of the Greatest Holy Leaf, as a frontispiece for volume five of that Biennial. He has himself addressed to the Queen a letter of appreciation, and has forwarded it, together with an illuminated manuscript in the handwriting of Bahá’u’lláh, to your address that you may offer them to Her Majesty in person. He has also requested the American National Spiritual Assembly to address a similar letter of appreciation to the Queen, and to send it to you, that in case you find it advisable, it should be presented through you to her. He hopes that these written expressions of profound gratitude will encourage the Queen in her efforts to serve the Cause, and will convince her of the wide effectiveness of her eloquent tributes to the Faith.

Shoghi Effendi has also read with much interest the copy of the communication addressed to you by the Queen. But as you have only sent the second page of that letter he is sending it back to you that you may ascertain whether the whole text of the letter has been forwarded to him or not. He wishes you also to find out whether the Queen has read the copy of ‘The Dawn- Breakers’ sent to her through your care. He has as yet received no acknowledgement from her. Please let him know also whether she has seen the last volume of ‘The Bahà’i World’? . . .

I am now concentrating on ‘The Bahà’i World’. I feel so grateful for your unique and magnificent collaboration. You will close the letter to the Queen after reading it and I hope you will be able to deliver it to her in person. I pray and hope that the illuminated mau- script will reach you safely.

1934-01-24 to Martha re Marie’s “appreciation”

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