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1934-01-28 Mrs. Parson service

USBN #82 - April 1934 - page 4

Mrs Parson's Career of Service

Your cablegram announcing the sad news of the sudden passing of Mrs. Parsons

into the Kingdom has much grieved the Guardian, and has brought added weight to

the burden of sorrow which, only a few months ago, Mrs. Keith Ransom-Kehler's

tragic and unexpected death had placed upon his heart. He greatly deplores this

loss which the American believers have once more sustained. But he feels confident

that such losses will in the long run deepen in them the spirit of determination

to serve the Cause.

Mrs. Parson's long and varied career of service, particularly in the

teaching field, the inestimable gifts of her heart, her devotion, her sincerity,

her unshakable faith and her implicit obedience to the counsels and injunctions of

the Master greatly endeared her to all the believers, and particularly to Abdu'l-

Baha who placed in her such firm confidence. ...

May Baha'u'llah abundantly reward her in the next world, and may He fully

sanctify and bless her departed soul and enable it to reach a still higher state

of true blessedness and perfection.

Yours in His Service,

H. Rabbani.

Haifa, Palestine.

January 28, 1934.

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