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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp32-3

Louise Drake Wright, 9 February 1934

Dear Bahà’i Sister,

Shoghi Effendi has just received your letter of January 30th and he is so happy to learn that you have safely arrived at the Hague, and that you are resuming your teaching activities with the same enthusiasm as that which signalized your first teaching trip to that country.26

He is looking forward to the day when as a result of your unceasing labours a group of young, active and zealous Bahà’is will be established in Holland, and who will arise to carry forward the message of peace and of salvation among their own countrymen.

It will certainly encourage you to learn that Mr. Grosfeld, one of our active and capable Dutch Bahàïs who lived formerly in Java is leaving very soon for Holland and is planning to settle there and to teach actively the Cause. He was converted to the Faith a few years ago through the care of one of our Egyptian Bahà’is. He was on a visit to Cairo when he met that friend, and was so much impressed by the Teachings that he accepted them at once. Ever since he has been living in the East Indies and only a few months ago he left that country for a visit around the world. He has been to China, Japan, and has visited the friends in various parts of the States. He speaks many languages, and is eager to teach the Cause. On his way to Holland, the Guardian has requested him to visit the believers in Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria and Germany.28 May his presence and his close cooperation with you pave the way for the effective spread of the Teachings. With the assurance of his prayers on your behalf and on behalf of those to whom you have referred in your letter.

Yours in His service, H. Rabbání

With the assurance of my deepest and abiding appreciation of your continued and notable services to the Faith, and of my prayers for your welfare and spiritual advancement, Your true brother; Shoghi

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