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1934-02-19 local newsletter (SanFrancisco)

USBN #84 - June 1934 - page 13

...on February 19, 1934, the Guardian, through his secretary, in

acknowledging receipt of a copy of San Francisco BAHA'I NEWS, declared:

"On behalf of the Guardian I wish to thank you for your welcome letter of

Jan. 23d, as well as for the enclosed December and January issues of the San

Francisco news letter, all of which gave him a clear account of the progress of

the Cause in that centre.

"He would greatly appreciate if you send him regularly two copies of your

local news letter. He would also advise you to send to each of the Baha'i National

Spiritual Assemblies a copy of that circular which will, undoubtedly, prove of

great interest to them.

"However, in view of the principle that local activities should always be

subordinated to the national interests, needs and requirements of the Faith, he

feels that your Assembly should be careful not to develop their local organ to the

extent that would jeopardize the national activities of the Cause in their

country. Just as all local institutions, whether administrative or otherwise, must

under all circumstances be considered as subsidiary to national organizations, so

also local circular letters should be viewed as secondary in importance compared

to the national organ of Baha'i activities. This principle, however, should not be

interpreted as being detrimental to the local interests of the Baha'i community,

but as an essential, nay indispensable means, whereby the administrative system of

the Cause can work with efficiency and order."

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