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1934-03-05 paid national teachers

USBN #84 June 1934 p12

Letter to Mr. Ioas, chairman of the Teaching Committee

"Concerning the abolition of the institution of paid national teachers, the Guardian wishes to reaffirm his former statements on this matter, and to stress once more that great care be taken to avoid the difficulties and the misunderstandings which in former days had caused so much trouble among the friends. The main point to be emphasized in this connection is that of making the teachings of the Cause not the work of a limited group but the chief duty and responsibility of every Bahá’í. This is why no salaried teachers should any longer exist. But occasionally to defray the expenses of a teaching trip of a certain Baha'i, particularly when it is done spontaneously, can cause no harm to the Cause. Such an action, provided it is done with care and only when circumstances make it necessary, constitutes no violation of the principle already referred to. The danger in all activities of this nature is to give the impression that the teaching of the Cause is an institution, depending on the support of paid teachers. Those who willingly and with utmost detachment arise to promote the Cause should, undoubtedly, be helped in every way. But they have no claim . whatever on the financial help which some friends may freely choose to extend to them."

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