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Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and the Baha’i Faith, Della L Marcus, pp227

In one of his last letters Shoghi Effendi requested you to send him the first part of the Queen’s message to you, as you had only sent the page bearing number two. This made him think that there must be a first page to that letter, and which you had probably forgotten to enclose. So, please let him know of that, and in case you have no objection he would prefer to have the original text of the Queen’s communication . . .

I wish to add a few words in person in order to assure you of my very real and profound appreciation of the success that has attended your efforts in Romania. Greece, I trust and pray, will be as responsive . . .

Will you kindly send me 200 two hundred copies of the splendid Romanian folder translated by Princess Ileana? I will distribute some of them in Palestine and place a few in the Mansion at Bahji.

1934-03-10 to Martha re Queen Marie’s ltr and Romanian pamphlet by Princess Ileana

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