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1934-03-21 to USNSA various

USBN #83 - May 1934 - page 1-2

Shoghi Effendi feels it to be inadvisable that the Temple Foundation Hall be

used for dramatic performances. He believes that only Baha'i meetings, and

business sessions of the Convention, can be held in it until such time as the

erection of a special edifice for this purpose has been undertaken by the American


Concerning the best method of presenting the Master's Will to the newcomers,

Shoghi Effendi is of the opinion that the N.S.A. should first make some suitable

extracts from the testament, and to send these to all the local Assemblies for

their use, so that there may be full unity in circulating the provisions of the

Will among the new believers. The problem of choosing such excerpts is left

entirely to the discretion of the N.S.A. The main thing, as it appears to the

Guardian, is that the full station of the Bab, Baha'u'llah and Abdu'l-Baha be

clearly explained, and that the origin, nature and working of the Administrative

Order of the Faith be clearly stated. The full implications of such a recognition

are evidently beyond the comprehension of any new believer. Such a knowledge can

be acquired gradually, and only when the essentials of the Faith have been clearly

recognized and adequately understood.

In regard to the activities of Ahmad Sohrab, Shoghi Effendi has already

stated that such attacks, however perfidious, do not justify the friends replying

or taking any direct action against them. The attitude of the N.S.A. should be to

ignore them entirely. For any undue emphasis on attacks made upon the Cause by

Ahmad and his supporters would make them feel that they constitute a real

challenge to the Cause and a menace to its institutions. Should these attacks

continue and acquire a serious importance the Guardian will surely advise the

N.S.A. to take definite and decisive action.

As regards the general conditions of the future in America, Shoghi Effendi

feels that the existing distress will not be rapidly alleviated. There is no

danger, however, of any great crisis in the immediate future. Conditions are

certainly bad, and dissatisfaction is undoubtedly universal, but the hour of

universal relief has not yet approached. The friends need not have any grave

anxiety as to the immediate developments of the present situation.

May I also draw your attention to the fact that the Bab's photograph which

appeared in Nicola's book "Siyyid Ali Muhammad di le Bab" many years ago is not

authentic, although it presents great similarity to the original drawings of the

Bab's portrait.

In closing I must express the Guardian's deep sense of admiration for the

stupendous sacrifices which the American followers of the Faith have gladly and

spontaneously and with such an unremitting zeal consented to undergo in order to

carry out the oft-repeated wishes of the Master concerning the erection of the

Mashriqu'l-Adhkar in America. The early signs of that great spiritual renaissance

which the completion of this sacred edifice must inevitably usher in are already

manifesting themselves in the growing unity and solidarity with which the new-born

Administrative Order of the Cause is functioning and developing in no less than

forty countries of the world. Surely the credit for such a truly remarkable

development in the administrative field of the Cause must be primarily attributed

to the members of the American Baha'i community and particularly to those who so

fittingly represent them in the National Assembly. May Baha'u'llah continue to

inspire you with His wisdom and guidance, that through your collective endeavors

the Cause may progress and its institutions may increase and its unity, both

doctrinal and administrative, be effectively safeguarded. (signed) H. Rabbani.

(Postscript to the foregoing letter.)

The completion of the Done, the mighty emblem of our invincible Faith, marks

a notable landmark in the rise and establishment of the World Order of

Baha'u'llah. The Baha'i world feels greatly indebted to the American believers for

so striking a testimony of the unconquerable spirit of the Cause in these days of

unprecedented stress and turmoil. They who by their self-sacrifice have crowned

this noble and historic Edifice deserve the praise and are indeed the object of

the envy and the admiration of their fellow believers throughout the world. For

their imperishable deeds I cannot be feel eternally gratified. (signed) SHOGHI.-

Haifa, March 21, 1934.

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