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1934-03-24 re: “five teachers” in “America and the Most Great Peace”

USBN #83 - May 1934 - page 2

Letters from the Guardian to the National Spiritual Assembly

Concerning the list of Baha'i teachers sent to America by the Master, I wish

to make it clear that the statement I made on that point on behalf of the Guardian

in my communication (see article entitled "Explanation of Passages in 'America and

the Most Great Peace'", published in BAHA'I NEWS February, 1934.- Editor) is, due

to a misunderstanding on my part, incorrect. Khayru'llah could not have been one

of these teachers, since these were sent to the United States in order to remedy

the situation which Khayru'llah himself had created through his treacherous

actions against the Master and the Cause. A careful perusal of the paragraph on

page 14 in "America and the Most Great Peace" makes that point indubitably clear.

As to the five teachers referred to in that epistle of the Guardian, there must have been a typographical error, and instead of five we should, therefore, read only four. (signed) H. Rabbani.

(Postscript to the foregoing letter.)

I wish to add a few words in person to assure you and your dear and

distinguished fellow-workers in the National Assembly of my fervent prayers for

the success of your strenuous endeavors in connection with the ornamentation of

the clerestory section of the Temple. May Baha'u'llah bless your efforts and crown

your magnificent labors with signal success. (signed) SHOGHI. - Haifa, March 24,



This was changed in later editions

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