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1934-04-14 America's Contribution to Purchase of Mt. Carmel Land

USBN #83 - May 1934 - page 3

"In this connection I feel I must express Shoghi Effendi's deep and abiding

gratitude to the American Baha'i community for their truly remarkable response to

his request for meeting the emergency which the enemies of the Faith had created

through their treacherous and malignant action, and in the very international

center of the Cause. Their never-to-be-forgotten assistance in the matter passes,

indeed, all admiration and praise, and constitutes an example which the entire

Baha'i world must adopt and follow." (signed) H. Rabbani.

(Postscript to the above letter.)

"With the assurance of my continued prayers for the friends who through their unsparing and self-sacrificing efforts are so effectively promoting the national as well as international interests of the Faith of Baha'u'llah."

(signed) SHOGHI.

Haifa, Palestine.

April 14, 1934.

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