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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p206

He wishes me, in particular, to express his feeling of profound gratification at the news of your recent meeting with Miss Agnes Alexander, during which you had been jointly studying the Will & Testament of the Master in the new light thrown upon it by the ‘Dispensation of Bahá’u’lláh’. He is praying that your efforts to better understand, & to more befittingly present the contents of this important pamphlet to the friends & to the non-believers as well, may meet with continued and ever-increasing success.

The Guardian is also praying on behalf of your daughter, that she may be effectively assisted and guided in preparing the lectures which she has been appointed to deliver at the Bahá’í Summer School at Lou Helen Ranch.

Shoghi Effendi added a postscript in his own hand:

Those whom you have mentioned in your last letter to me dated Feb. 19 I have remembered & will continue to remember in my prayers at the holy Shrines. Those to whom you refer in your recent letter & particularly Miss Alexander & Mme Orlova will also be lovingly remembered. Your association & collaboration with Mme Orlova is most welcome & highly satisfactory, as you are eminently qualified to impart to her just those things she most vitally requires in her most promising work of service to our beloved Faith. I am so glad to learn that your precious health is restored & wish you to convey to Mary & to Mr. Maxwell my love & the assurance of my continued & fervent prayers. Your true & grateful brother,


1934-08-08 to May Maxwell re response to ltr she sent fm Portland

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