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1934-08-20 re: Alfred Lunt on USNSA

USBN #87 - September 1934 - page 3

Cablegram from Shoghi Effendi

Present controversy agitating American believers if unchecked will through

its inevitable worldwide repercussions inflict irreparable injury (upon) Cause

(of) Baha'u'llah. Nothing short (of the) following measures can avert threatening

danger: retension (of) Lunt's membership, and inflexible resolve by whomsoever

directly or remotely concerned (to) refrain from slightest criticism, expressed or

implied, that must necessarily impair (the) undivided authority (of the)

institution (of the) National Assembly. Even barest reference to issues involved

should be instantly dropped (and) forgotten. Concentrate precious energies (upon)

uninterrupted prosecution (of) divinely appointed enterprise. Appeal entire

community (to) heed (my) passionate entreaty (and) grave warning.

(Signed) SHOGHI.

Haifa, Palestine,

August 20, 1934.


See “Some Aspects Of The Development Of The Baha'i Administrative Order In America, 1922-1936”, By Loni Bramson-Lerche, Studies In Babi And Baha’i History, Vol I, Moojan Momen, Ed, p291

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