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Martha Root: Lioness at the Threshold, M. R. Garis, p404

How deeply I appreciate, nay prize, your stupendous efforts in the service of the Cause while in Lithuania, & in the course of your visit to the Balkans, in Central Europe & now in Scandinavia. You are carrying aloft with inspiring courage & exemplary zeal & constancy the standard of Bahá’u’lláh. You are shedding imperishable lustre on His Faith. You are setting an immortal example to His followers. You are rearing for yourself a goodly mansion in His Kingdom. My heart overflows with gratitude for the work you are achieving with such an indomitable faith & in such hard circumstances. . . . I feel you should concentrate on Scandinavia which stands in such dire need of Bahà’i apostles such as you.

Your true & grateful brother,



“[I] wish you henceforth to expend whatever you may obtain from the sale of the ‘New Era’ in different languages on your own dear self & for the purpose of promoting the work in which you are so devotedly engaged.”

1934-09-09 to Martha in appreciation of svcs

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