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1934-09-16 various

USBN #88 - November 1934 - page 1-2

"He feels that during the last few months considerable progress has been

achieved in safeguarding and in extending the area of the lands surrounding and

dedicated to the Shrines on Mount Carmel. It is his hope that through the generous

and self-sacrificing efforts of the believers still further steps will be taken

towards the complete safeguard of the entire area surrounding these sacred spots."

(September 9, 1934, to National Spiritual Assembly.)

"Anything whatsoever affecting the interests of the Cause and in which the

National Assembly as a body is involved should, if regarded as unsatisfactory by

local Assemblies and individual believers, be immediately referred to the National

Assembly itself. Neither the general body of the believers, nor any local

Assembly, nor even the delegates to the Annual Convention, should be regards as

having any authority to entertain appeals against the decision of the National

Assembly. Should the matter be referred to the Guardian it will be his duty to

consider it with the utmost care and to decide whether the issues involved justify

him to consider it in person, or to leave it entirely to the discretion of the

National Assembly.

"This administrative principle which the Guardian is now restating and

emphasizing is so clear, so comprehensive and simple that no misunderstanding as

to its application, he feels, can possibly arise. There are no exceptions whatever

to this rule, and the Guardian would deprecate any attempt to elaborate or dwell

any further upon this fundamental and clearly-enunciated principle.

"The problems with which the Faith is now grappling, whether national or

international, are so pressing and momentous that no one among its loyal adherents

can afford to dissipate his precious energies on details arising from the

application of administrative principles, or even on the perfecting of the

machinery of the administration itself. Purely secondary matters can be postponed

until the primary tasks are performed.

"The situation in Persia which is going from bad to worse, the necessary

measures which should be taken to insure the uninterrupted completion of the

clerestory section of the Temple, the adoption of such measures as will stimulate

the teaching campaign in America, the exercise of the utmost vigilence [sic] lest

the authorities in Soviet Russia inflict any injury upon Baha'i lives and

institutions, the extension of any support that may be required to safeguard the

interests of the Cause at its most vital and international center to ward off the

malicious attacks of enemies from both within and without - these are the

outstanding issues which demand the sustained and concentrated attention of every

devoted believer...

"Regarding the photograph sent to your Assembly the National Assembly of

Iraq, Shoghi Effendi wishes me to confirm his previous request regarding the

circulation of his own photograph. (That is, photographs of the Guardian are not

to be circulated.- Editor.)

"With reference to the statement on the Annual Convention which the Guardian

had requested you to send to the National Assembly of Persia, he wishes you to

send as soon as you possibly can the final draft after having made the following

alteration. The Guardian feels that in view of the definite and vital functions of

the Annual Convention it would be more proper not to regard its sessions as joint

meetings with the National Assembly. The gatherings of the Convention should, the

Guardian believes, be given a more distinctive character. As to the rule requiring

the National Assembly to present any and all facts that may be required in order

to clarify matters discussed at the Convention, he wishes to express his complete


"Shoghi Effendi would be very pleased to receive English translations of the

Baha'i News Letters issued by the National Assembly of the Baha'is of Germany and

Austria. He wishes you in this connection to convey to Mr. Schopflocher his

deepest thanks and appreciation of his invaluable assistance in translating such

important communications from so promising an Assembly in the Baha'i world...

(The Guardian's postscript to the above letter.) "I feel urged, in view of

the compelling evidence of your exemplary devotion to the interests of our beloved

Faith, to renew the expression of my profound and unqualified admiration for the

spirit animating you in its service. You have faced a critical situation with

marvelous fidelity, high courage and unswerving loyalty. Nothing short of this

spirit can enable you to weather the storms and overcome the obstacles that must

confront you in the future. His Guidance, you may rest assured, will never fail

you in the days to come." (Signed) Shoghi.

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