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1934-09-30 international expenses of the Faith

USBN #88 - November 1934 - page 2

(In the Guardian's hand.) "The international expenses of the Faith are

continually increasing, and the emphasis that has been placed of late on the

necessity of intensifying and extending the national institutions of the Cause in

Persia, America and elsewhere together with the severe restrictions that are being

increasingly imposed by the authorities in Tihran have depleted the resources

required for the promotion of the vital interests of the community at its world

center. For this reason I have felt impelled to suspend temporarily the

contributions which I have been making for the Temple. I will pray that the

efforts of the friends the world over and particularly the mighty exertions of the

American Baha'i community for the prosecution of the Temple work may soon be

abundantly rewarded." (Signed) Shoghi. (September 30, 1934, to Roy C. Wilhelm,

Treasurer, National Spiritual Assembly.)

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