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Quoted in Never be Afraid to Dare, Jasion, p193-4

The Guardian is deeply gratified to learn from your letter of September 5th of the happy news of the successful formation of the Sofia spiritual assembly. He wishes me to hasten in offering to you his heartfelt congratulations and his grateful thanks for this unique and never-to-be-forgotten service which you have been able to render the Faith in Bulgaria. Your pioneering and sustained endeavours for the establishment of the Cause in that country have, undoubtedly, been amply rewarded. You should, therefore, feel happy, and remain assured that the foundations your able hands have so carefully and so patiently laid down will be further consolidated through the united and combined efforts of our Bulgarian friends, and that upon them the edifice of the cause will be gradually raised and firmly established in their country.

As to your return to Sofia, the Guardian leaves it entirely to your discretion. If you feel that the believers in Sofia can conduct their own affairs, and that their assembly is sufficiently strong and united to manage its own work, you need not return, at least for the present, to Bulgaria, and may preferably travel for a few months in Austria where the believers will surely be glad to have you with them, and will, undoubtedly, extend to you every assistance they can for rendering your stay as successful as possible. In any case, the Guardian strongly urges you to keep in close and constant touch with Sofia, and to encourage and guide the believers in spreading the Message, and in extending the scope and in consolidating the foundations of their assembly.

[postscript by Shoghi Effendi]

I leave it entirely to your discretion as to whether you should extend your stay in Bulgaria or initiate a new chapter of your historic work in some other country in Europe. I have the utmost confidence in your judgement, your loyalty and disinterested service to the Cause of God. Wherever you labour, with whosoever you collaborate and whatever the nature of your activity my prayers will ever accompany you and my thoughts will continue to be with you. I feel truly proud of the constancy and courage that distinguish your pioneer service.

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