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Lady Blomfield: Her Life and Times, Robert Weinberg, p314-15

I am.urging the American National Assembly to order as many copies as they possibly can of “The Drama of the Kingdom”. I am praying from the depths of my heart for your success, your happiness, and the removal of every obstacle that stands in your path. Your past services are engraved upon my heart, and I supplicate the Beloved Master to assist you in your endeavours for the extension and consolidation of your historic work in the service of His Cause.

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The word “son” used in this connection is a kind of collective noun meaning mankind and has, therefore, no connotation of any sex discrimination between man and woman whatever.

1935-01-19 to Blomfield re “Drama of the Kingdom” use of “Son”


The 2nd paragraph is a ref to “Son” in such phrases as “Son of Existence” and “Son of Spirit”.

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