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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p211

With reference to your plan for teaching the Cause in Belgium, the Guardian has already informed you through cablegram that your wish in this matter meets with his complete & whole-hearted approval. There are, indeed, great possibilities for teaching the Message in this country. But so far we have had no one to spread the Cause there. So, the Guardian is fervently praying that your plans in this respect may fully materialize, and in this way give you a chance to enrich your national services by means of an added & glorious triumph in the teaching field

Your suggestion to teach the Cause in Belgium meets with my whole-hearted approval, & I trust that you will succeed in your efforts in this new & international sphere of Bahá’í activity. The cable I have sent you will I hope stimulate you to undertake this work which I hope & pray will enhance & further ennoble your past & historic services. Wishing you, Mary & Mr. Maxwell happiness & success,

Your true brother,


1935-01-23 to May Maxwell re proposed teaching trip to Belgium & Europe

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