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Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland 
Compiled by Research Department of the Universal House of Justice.

Published in Baha'i Studies Review 4:1

  1. The Guardian has read with care and interest your views regarding conditions at the Esslingen Summer School. Miss...has already given him quite a realistic description of the Bahá'í Home. He is surely of the opinion that if the Summer School at Esslingen is to develop into an important and somewhat international Bahá'í centre in Europe it must be kept from reflecting too strongly some of the influences and tendencies that characterize the Germany of today. The atmosphere at the Bahá'í Home must be primarily Bahá'í, though it must retain some of its German character. The Cause does not wish to suppress national characteristics. It abhors too much uniformity, and stands for the principle of unity in diversity, which principle we believe can alone provide a solution for the unification of mankind.

  2. Now with regard to the Bahá'í Home and to the alterations it calls for. The Guardian thinks that any suggestion in this connection should preferably be made by one of the German members of the National Spiritual Assembly so as to avoid giving the impression that there is any national or racial prejudice behind it. The situation, as you rightly suggest, may become serious if not carefully studied and remedied at once. But there is every hope of reaching a solution in this matter. 
(25 June 1935) 

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