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Guidance Regarding Bahá'í Archives

Compiled by Bahá'í International Archives

He trusts that his gift, offered to your National Archives through the kind care of Miss ___ will serve to remind the ... believers of the importance and sacred character of that institution, and to encourage them to help in contributing their full share towards its further development and expansion. The institution of the National Bahá'í Archives, which all the National Assemblies have already established, is, indeed, highly important, the significance of which will be increasingly realized as years go by. It is now that so many precious sacred relics are still in the possession of individual believers, that steps must be taken in order to ensure their safe preservation in the National Archives. The friends must be encouraged to co-operate with their National Spiritual Assembly for the attainment of this objective.

From a letter on behalf of Shoghi Effendi dated 5 July 1935 to an individual

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