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Toward the end of March, the Rob­ert Speller Company, New York, will publish a novel written and illustrated by Juliet Thompson entitled “I, Mary Magdalen.”

Permission has been given by Shoghi Effendi to report in Baha'i News his reference to this book, writ­ten in letters addressed to Miss Thompson.

“Now with regard to your book . . . Shoghi Effendi is pleased indeed to learn of the possibilities of having this work published very soon. Its

importance, as he has already assured you, as an indirect medium for the spread of the Teachings is very great and will surely be appreciated by the believers. It is hoped that with their whole-hearted support and cooperation this little volume will reach many cir­ cles and will serve to draw the atten­ tion of many distinguished and spirit­ ually-minded people towards the beau­ ty. power and effectiveness of the Message."—July 31, 1935.

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