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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p217-8

Shoghi Effendi feels very much encouraged & gratified to realize that you are developing great interest in the Cause in Germany. Your visit to Esslingen, Stuttgart & various other Bahá’í centres seems to have left a strong impression upon you. Germany, indeed, stands to-day as the largest, most active & promising Bahá’í community in Europe. And the Guardian cherishes the highest hopes for its future, and feels convinced that, as clearly promised by the Master, it will gradually develop into one, if not the most, of the leading Bahá’í countries throughout the world.

In view of that, he would certainly encourage you to study German & to get in touch with the German believers, so that you may get well prepared for teaching the Cause in Germany in the near future. He would even advise you to make that country the main field of your teaching work in Europe. For although general conditions in Germany are, at present, not very favourable to the expansion of the Movement, yet the future of the Cause there seems to be very bright, & rich in all sorts of possibilities. Now, the main task facing the German friends is the consolidation of the Administration. The era of intensive teaching has not yet dawned upon them. But once their communities are fully organized internally, it will then be easy for them to effectively teach the Cause to the outside public.

Dear & valued co-worker:

I have, in my recent cable addressed to your dear & distinguished mother, expressed my delight in learning of the progress you have made in learning German & of the efforts you are exerting to teach the Cause in Germany. I have also expressed my full approval of the inclination you feel to work for our beloved Faith in that land, & I cannot but feel that your collaboration with the German believers will reinforce the foundation of your future international services & will serve to ennoble the work you are destined to achieve in the days to come. I will be soon writing to your mother, & I trust that the cable, assuring her of my prayers for her brother’s family has reached her & relieved her anxieties.


1935-10-28 to May Maxwell re work in Germany

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