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quoted in Hermann Grossman: Hand of the Cause of God, p43

Dear Dr. Grossmann,

... He wishes me to congratulate you most heartily for this great service you have been able to render the Cause, and which no doubt will serve to enrich the record of the manifold contributions you have, during the last few years, so brilliantly made towards the spread of the Faith throughout Germany. He is praying to Bahá’ulláh that He may continue to guide and inspire you, and assist you in accomplishing still more outstanding works for the Cause in your country.

The Guardian added in his own hand,

Dear and valued co-worker:

I am so eager to learn that your health is fully restored, for I believe your services are a most valuable asset to the Faith you serve in these troublous days. 1 welcome your efficient and un-relaxing co-operation, in spite of the obstacles which face you, in so many fields of Bahà’í activity. I am confident that as a result of your strenuous endeavours the administrative institutions in your land will be further consolidated and extended and the cause of teaching receive an added impulse.

Your true brother,


[12 Nov 1935 on learning Mr. Grossman had translated “Seven Valleys” into German]

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