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Eve Nicklin: She of the Brave Heart, Boris Handal, p37-8

Dear Bahà'i Friend,

The Guardian has deeply enjoyed reading your letter of October sixth and feels greatly appreciative of your immediate whole-hearted response to his instructions regarding non-membership by the believers in religious organizations and groups other than those instituted by the Cause. He particularly values the self-sacrifices you have undergone for the sake of upholding this vital principle the importance of which will be increasingly unveiled to all the friends. He feels certain that Bahà'u'Ilàh will fully repay you for all the material losses you have incurred as a result of your dissociation from the Methodist Episcopal Church. For you have, indeed, set a beautiful example of courage, loyalty and devotion which every sincere upholder of the Cause cannot fail to admire. It is hoped that through it those among the believers who are as yet not sufficiently convinced of the necessity of dissociating themselves from their churches will be so deeply distressed as to sever official connection with them, and thus become whole-hearted and unqualified in their allegiance and loyalty to the Cause of Bahà'u'Ilàh.

Assuring you again of Shoghi Effendi's abiding appreciation of your services, and with his prayers and best wishes for you, and all the friends in your center,

Yours in His Service, H. Rabbani

With the renewed assurance of my loving prayers for your spiritual advancement and for the success of your self-sacrificing efforts in the service of our glorious Cause,

Your true brother,


1935-11-17 to Eve Nicklin on her leaving the Methodist Church

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